La Rustichella Truffles was born more than twenty years ago, in 1986, thanks to the president of the company Sergio Brugnoli, originally from a symbolic place for the production and collection of the black truffle from central Italy: Norcia (Umbria).

With its professional seriousness and constant search for quality, the company has achieved increasingly ambitious and important objectives, to become leaders in the sector on international markets.La Rustichella Truffles is a company with a young spirit and always ready for new adventures, ready at any time to leave Italy to make Truffles known all over the world.Thanks to the work of the Export managers abroad who support and support our customers, La Rustichella Truffles USA was born, where Francesca Brugnoli stable in New York, organized a careful and meticulous distribution of Truffle door to door to respond quickly and satisfying every request of the American market. Other markets of considerable importance, where the marketing and use of the Truffle is growing, are the European market and the Asian market. In fact, every year trips are organized to visit our customers, meetings are held with the chefs, events are organized and new menus are always studied where the protagonist of each dish remains the Truffle.Over the years, the company has grown considerably, production times have been optimized but, once again, attention has been paid to the product, preserving its craftsmanship and not making it become a common industrial product. The origin of each single product used is Italian and is rigorously selected. Today the company La Rustichella Truffles boasts the best certifications worldwide: BRC, IFS, ISO 22000. The Rustichella Truffles has created many products, of course, all containing the White Truffle and the Black Truffle as the main ingredient. Among the best selling products without a doubt we find the White Truffle Pate, the Black Truffle Pate, the White Truffle oil and the Black Truffle oil.




The White Truffle is a species of great value, with an intense and penetrating perfume: perfect to be eaten raw on hot dishes. Its shape can be rounded, elongated or flattened depending on the type of soil in which the truffle is grown.From the white truffle, La Rustichella Truffles, obtains excellent products such as: White truffle pate, it contains all the characteristics that make it an excellent product of the entire range. Its delicate yet intense fragrance enhances every dish. White Truffle Oil, will surprise your palate with its regal balance of hints of white summer truffle, porcini mushroom and champignons.Excellent for crostini, bruschetta, savory pies, pasta also stuffed, red meat, game and roasted, boiled fish. 


 The Black Truffle has a delicate and pleasant aroma and a tasty flavor, ideal for cooking and for accompanying second meat dishes. Its shape is usually rounded.From the black truffle, La Rustichella Truffles, produces products such as: Black Truffle Paté, the black truffle pate makes your tables unique. Loved by our customers and recognized as the best seller in the world, it is the most sought after product of the entire range available. It enhances the most winter dishes such as risotto, pasta and red meat main courses and gives uniqueness to lighter, spring or summer dishes. Black Truffle Oil, includes prestigious hints of black summer truffle, porcini mushroom and champignon mushroom. A superfine excellence to make special croutons, bruschetta, savory pies, pasta also stuffed, red meat, game and roasted, boiled fish.  


The Truffle has been considered precious and mysterious food since ancient times. In fact, Truffles grow only in certain areas that have specific characteristics such as type of soil, climate, geographic conformation, presence of symbiotic plants and absence of polluted agents.For these simple reasons, the Truffle price is in fact very high and varies according to the type of truffle and the weight. 


 In our laboratory a wide range of products based on Truffles or mushrooms are made, made with different conservation systems, among which the best known is that of preserved in oil. Ours like Truffle Patè are products that have a shelf-life ranging from a minimum of 18 months to a maximum of 36 months. They need to be kept in the fridge only after opening. 


All species of truffles have a use linked to the culinary traditions of each individual territory, almost always, it is preferred to consume it raw, cut into slices with the appropriate truffle slicer or even chopped and crumbled.As for our Truffle Pates, they are excellent to accompany appetizers such as bruschetta, or to give a pleasant flavor to risotto or pasta.Truffle oils, on the other hand, are excellent for seasoning croutons, bruschetta, salads or boiled meats.  


Are you wondering which Truffle recipes you can comfortably elaborate at home? On our website you will find a dedicated section for all truffle recipes! What makes the truffle a perfect condiment is its intense and particular perfume, combined with a soft and pleasant flavor. One of the most famous dishes are the tagliolini with truffle where the flavor of the truffle is enhanced. The recipes of Black Truffle and White Truffle Recipes are endless, since we are talking about a food that goes well with any type of dish, from the appetizer to the second. Just think of simple bruschetta with Truffle Pate, a Risotto with Truffle, a salad dressed with truffle oil or simply a Tagliata di Manzo al Tartufo.