Must Have is the oldest and most loved "Rustichella Truffles" Line, where White and Black Truffles are the main element of the recipe.

If you do not know them, then "Must Have" Products are the first items you need to add to your cart!

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Black Truffle Pate

Black Truffle Patè, sublime element of the Must Have product line. The black truffle patè ...
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White Truffle Pate

White Truffle Patè, contains all the features that makes it the most excellent produc...
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Black Sliced Truffle

The best of the whole range of products is our Sliced Truffle, recognised worldwide f...
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Whole Black Truffle

Whole Truffles selected and packed in solution. The natural conservation of the product al...

Gold Drops is the line of Oils, Dressing and Balsamic Vinegar flavored with White and Black Truffle.

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White Truffle Oil

The ultimate taste: the White Truffle Oil will wonderfully surprise your palate with its r...
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Black Truffle Oil

Authentic and aromatic, the Black Truffle Oil includes prestigious hints of blac...
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Black Vinegar

The Black Truffle Balsamic Vinegar is a wonderful balance between the black summ...
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White Vinegar

The White Truffle Vinegar is a wonderful aroma balance between the black summer ...
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White Dressing

A sublime mix of white summer truffle, porcini mushroom, champignon mushroom for croutons,...
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Black Dressing

A special twist with the Black Truffle Balsamic Vinegar & Olive Oil!A divine hint...

Precious Green is our total VEGAN products line, without truffle!

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Artichoke Cream

Our artichoke paté is a unique combination of flavours that preserve the true traditional ...
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Just for the hottest people… a recipe not to be missed! Makes every moment and s...
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Black Olives Pate

It truly contains the intense color, the typical flavors and the genuineness of Italy.Loca...
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Green Olives pate

It truly contains the intense colors, the typical flavors and the genuineness of Italy.Loc...
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Porcino Mushroom Paté

Porcini mushrooms are surely essential key elements in that recipe. They are excellent an...

Something Special is a Flavour Explosion line of Creams with black or white truffle

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Sundried Tomatoes & Truffle

Sundried Tomatoes and Truffle: this is definitively the most dense taste in our Something ...
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Asparagus & Truffle

Asparagus and White Truffle has a refined and soft taste which caresses your palate.White ...
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Pumpkin & Truffle

White truffle and pumpkin. With its unmistakable and delicate flavor this kind of paté is ...

FlavourSome is our food aromatizer line.

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Coarse Salt

Black Truffle Salt. Cannot be forgotten in all culinary traditions, it is used to enhance ...
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Table Salt

This is an unmissable speciality of all culinary traditions. Use as a final touch to liven...

So Sweet is our line of Honeys aromatized with black or white Truffle.

One of a Kind in his category those products are excellent with any kind of food.

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Black Truffle Honey

Precious and unique is Honey with black & white Truffle. Great for accompanying ...
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White Truffle Honey

Precious and unique is Honey with black & white Truffle. Great for accompanying ...